The Briefing Room

The Seal Beach Sun and The Seal Beach Police Department have partnered up!  The Seal Beach Sun proudly presents “The Briefing Room” in partnership with the Seal Beach Police Department.

At the beginning of every shift, every police officer in every police agency across the country participates in “briefing.”  It’s our time to go over the incidents of the day, talk about crime trends, share a few laughs, and catch up with each other.  “The Briefing Room” is your opportunity to ask us (almost) anything.  We’ll take your questions, go over them in briefing and publish our answers in The Sun.  We may even share a funny story from time to time.

Have a question about parking?  Ask us.  Want to know what we think of the show “Live PD”?  Ask us.  Curious to know if police officers prefer In-N-Out over Five Guys?  Ask us.  This is your opportunity to get a cop’s perspective on things, directly from a cop.  While we can’t answer questions about tactics, certain procedures, or active investigations, we will try to answer any other burning questions you may have.

Email your questions to today and see if your question gets answered in our regular Q&A.