Department Directory


Chief Of PoliceMichael Ext. 1124
Executive AssistantCynthia SolaresCSolares@sealbeachca.govExt. 1129
Support Services CaptainNick Nicholasnnicholas@sealbeachca.govExt. 1160
Operations CaptainMike EzrojMEzroj@sealbeachca.govExt. 1127
Operations LieutenantJulia Clasbyjclasby@sealbeachca.govExt. 1161
Support Services LieutenantChris Hendrixchendrix@sealbeachca.govExt. 1112
Senior Accounting TechnicianCamren WightCWight@sealbeachca.govExt. 1146
Fax: (562) 596-3517
Management AnalystKevin EdwardsKEdwards@sealbeachca.govExt. 1111
Emergency Services
Coordinator Sergeant
Brian GrayBGray@sealbeachca.govExt. 1145
Watch Commander SergeantJoe HardinJHardin@sealbeachca.govExt. 1621
Watch Commander SergeantEric HendryEHendry@sealbeachca.govExt. 1614
Watch Commander Sergeant /  Traffic Sergeant with MotorsJordan MirakianJMirakian@sealbeachca.govExt. 1618
Watch Commander SergeantJoe GarciaJFGarcia@sealbeachca.govExt. 1649
SergeantSamantha MathiasSMathias@sealbeachca.govExt. 1616
CorporalPete KrokPKrok@sealbeachca.govExt. 1637
CorporalBen JaipreamBJaipream@sealbeachca.govExt. 1619
CorporalBruno BalderramaBBalderrama@sealbeachca.govExt. 1109


Detective Sergeant Jeff Gibson Ext. 1128
Detective – Leisure World Jon Ainley Ext. 1108
Detective Jorge Muniz
Detective Chris Fisher Ext. 1110
Detective Ryan Bedard Ext. 1113
Civilian Investigator / Court Liaison Aine Eisenhauer Ext. 1103
Detective Jacob Otto Ext. 1624
Detective Shawn Watkins Ext. 1631


Motor OfficerEd PastorEPastor@sealbeachca.govExt. 1661
Motor OfficerHector MercadoHMercado@sealbeachca.govExt. 1635
Motor OfficerCory MontgomeryCMontgomery@sealbeachca.govExt. 1623

Jail & Parking

Police Services Manager Michael McDonald Ext. 1648
Senior Community Services Officer Jonathan Bengco Ext. 1611
Senior Community Services Officer Kevin Castellanos Ext. 1639
Senior Community Services Officer Quiondreius Juniel Ext. 1612
Senior Community Services Officer Vanessa Pena Ext. 1651
Senior Community Services Officer Spencer Lopez Ext. 1119
Senior Community Services Officer Justin Boice Ext. 1644
Police Aide Travis Boice Ext. 1655
Senior Community Services Officer Thomas Blackledge Ext. 1617
Police Aide Ruth Rivera Ext. 1119
Police Aide Landon Ball Ext. 1119


Records Supervisor Dan Fortney Ext. 1105
Senior Community Service Officer Grey Tavasci Ext. 1104
Police Aide Dana Friedrichs Ext. 1102
Police Aide Cara Bellinger Ext. 1654
Police Aide Mariah Zevallos Ext. 1144
Senior Community Services Officer / Property & Evidence Technician Dominic Sarabia Ext. 1114


Officer Ryan Corbin Ext. 1607
Officer Jacob Fillers Ext. 1613
Officer Garrett Kiehl Ext. 1604
Officer Kendra Owen Ext. 1630
Officer Michael Pistilli Ext. 1626
Canine Officer Victor Ruiz Ext. 1629
Officer Jake Sansenbach Ext. 1608
Officer Keith Phan Ext. 1625
Officer David Rael-Brook Ext. 1640
Officer Nicholas LaCarra Ext. 1615
Officer AJ Knight Ext. 1632
Officer Phillip Viebrock Ext. 1602
Officer James Dowdell Ext. 1627
Officer Alex Nishimura Ext. 1643
Officer Shaheen Shaheen Ext. 1652