Operations Bureau


The Patrol Division is the most visible unit and consists of the officers seen in police cars, on foot beats, and on the ATV’s. Patrol officers are assigned geographical areas known as beats. The city is divided into 2 beats to allow sufficient coverage 24 hours a day. This assignment is for an entire deployment period which allows the officer to become familiar with addresses and community problems. Patrol officers are responsible for responding to call for service and maintaining high visibility within their assigned areas. Patrol provides a variety of services to the community including traffic enforcement, assistance to citizens, and crime prevention services.


The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation and follow-up of all reported crimes occurring in the city of Seal Beach. With a compliment of one Sergeant, five Detectives and a Special Enforcement Team (SET), our Detectives approach workable investigations with a high level of dedication.

The detective division handle all basic investigations that are received from the Patrol division. Any and all crimes involving the sales of narcotics are handled by the entire Investigations division.

The Detective Division consists of three separate investigative details:

  • Major Crimes: homicide, robbery, extortion, assault with a deadly weapon, assault/battery, weapons, elder abuse (physical), domestic violence, hate crimes, terrorist threats, arson, stalking, kidnap, missing persons, and runaways.
  • Property Crimes: burglaries, grand theft, petty theft, vandalism, graffiti, sex crimes, child abuse/neglect, juvenile crime, and auto theft.
  • Financial Crimes: forgery, fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, check fraud, elder abuse (financial), wire fraud, annoying/threatening phone calls, restraining order violations, and trespassing.

Thanks to the passing of Measure BB, we have also added a fourth Investigator assigned to Leisure World.  The Seal Beach Police Department also partners with the Department of Homeland Security and the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force.

These cases are prepared for court, coordinate with the District Attorney’s Office, and assist prosecutors with criminal trials.

The Detective Division is under the direction of Detective Sergeant Jeff Gibson. Questions related to investigations may be directed to the Detective Division Supervisor.


The Traffic Division consists of motorcycle traffic officers, commercial enforcement and parking control officers.

The Traffic Division enforces Seal Beach parking ordinances and manages meter and parking fees. The Traffic Division consists of one full-time Lead Community Services Officer, two full-time Senior Community Services Officers, and four part-time Police Aides.

Traffic Division officers develop expertise in accident investigation, motorcycle patrol, commercial vehicle enforcement, and general traffic safety. Officers are also trained in traffic control, community education, and accident prevention. Officers provide targeted enforcement at several locations to help prevent the most dangerous types of collisions from occurring.

Traffic officers respond to calls for service in a variety of situations including accidents, vehicle code violations, parking complaints, as well as roadside assistance requests for tow trucks.

The Traffic Division is under the direction of Sergeant Jordan Mirakian. Questions related to traffic may be directed to the Traffic Supervisor.


The Community Oriented Police team, otherwise known as the COP Team, is a two officer special assignment detail. The focus of the COP team is community engagement, and to seek out crime problems, or quality of life issues using creative strategies to address problems as they arise on an ongoing basis

During the summer months, the primary responsibilities of the COP Team includes patrolling Main Street, downtown, and Surfside. The COP team can be seen on foot patrols, bicycles, ATVs and a 4×4 vehicle, handing all calls for service on the beaches, pier, and in the Main Street area.

During the non-summer months the focus of the COP Team shifts. They will act as liaisons for McGaugh Elementary School, conduct directed enforcement to combat specific crime trends, and enforcing specific Penal and Vehicle codes. The COP Team attends all special events such as Run Seal Beach, Turkey Trot, Christmas Parade, Band on the Sand, and National Night Out. They also act as liaisons for the Chamber of Commerce, and regularly meet with local businesses, providing crime prevention and strategies and presentations to business owners and employees. COP Team members are also assigned as Quality of Life Officers (QLO’s), assisting with outreach, and connecting those experiencing homelessness with resources.


The West County SWAT Team is a regional Special Weapons and Tactics Team serving the cities of Cypress, Los Alamitos, Westminster, Seal Beach, and Fountain Valley.

West County SWAT has three units, including; Tactical Officers, Crisis Negotiators, and Tactical Dispatchers. The Tactical Officers Unit is comprised of tactical paramedics, containment, react/entry, and sniper teams.

Joining West County SWAT resulted in a four-fold increase in personnel trained for tactical operations. Team members are selected from each Department after undergoing a rigorous performance review, and in the case of tactical team members, a physical proficiency test, firearms qualification, and a scenario-based exercise.

Team supervisors are responsible for Team readiness, conducting monthly training in critical incident management, and responding to a variety of high-risk incidents.


In 2020, the Seal Beach Police Department took steps to reestablish the K-9 Unit by selecting its first K-9 handler, Officer Victor Ruiz. Officer Ruiz has been a police officer for nearly eight years, three of which have been with the Seal Beach Police Department.

Officer Ruiz’s partner is Saurus, a German Shephard. Officer Ruiz and Saurus spent several weeks in training where they learned to conduct building searches, apprehend fleeing felons, and assist in overcoming the resistance of violent subjects. These skills are especially important as they reduce the risk and injury to police officers and the community. Officer Ruiz also received training on case law, use of force, de-escalation tactics, community-oriented policing, and bias-based policing.  Saurus has also been trained to detect firearms. This important tool will help ensure that if a suspect attempts to conceal or discard a firearm, the dangerous weapon is not left for an innocent person, child, or other criminal to locate.